Two pictures from school outings, extracted from the 1952-1953 yearbook of the catholic
St. Aloysius secondary school at Hilversum. In the back (centre) you see friar Theodosius (left)
and friar Gerlach (right). The location is most likely to be the Kennemerduinen recreation area.

On this picture you see the same two friars. Notice the Simplex loop-frame bike
at the left. It has got a new set of Lucifer lighting and ...

... it seems to be the same bike like the one on the first picture (above). If so, it must be a
Simplex "priest's bicycle", which resembles a ladies' bike but is built to be stronger.
With two friars as teachers, this presumption is likely to be true.

Thanks to Boudewijn Rückert for this photograph and to Gerlof Langerijs for his investigations.


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