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On the next page you will find a
data form. With this form you can request information about your vintage bicycle(s) by e-mail and contribute to the bicycle database at the same time. In the form you are asked a number of questions about your bicycle, like the frame number, wheel size etc. Please answer as many questions as possible. There you can also indicate if you like to receive a comprehensive answer, including the year of construction of the bicycle, which parts could be original etc.

benefits of the bicycle database

What is this database good for? It is meant to provide a broad overview of the history of the (Dutch) bicycle industry by containing detailled information about the vintage bicycles left over today. The more people contribute to the database, the more information there is available. Do you like to know more about the benefits of such a database?

setup of the bicycle database

On this page the setup of the bicycle database is shown, along with a sample record. (Sorry, no English version yet.)

dating a bicycle yourself

If you want to find out in which year your bicycle has been constructed, you can look for indications on your bike itself. There might be a year stamped on a single part, e.g. on the rear hub shell. In the article dating a bicycle yourself you will find some helpful information. If you manage to date your bicycle with this information, I would appreciate it if you filled-in the data form anyway. By doing this, you will help others who inquire for information from the database. (Sorry, no English version yet.)



At the scrap yard: where wishes come true ...

In the beginning, quite a big part of the data stored in
the bicycle database was captured from this place



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