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fietsenmakerij Van Zwet, Zoutmanstraat 34, Den Haag
data form Add your bicycle to the bicycle database via this data form.
bicycle brands Overview: Dutch bicycle brands.
cross frames Bicycles with cross frame design.
sports models Typical Dutch sports bicycles from the 1950's and 1960's.
Cedo lock The ins, outs and mysteries of the Danish Cedo bicycle lock.


This is a homepage about vintage Dutch bicycles. Here you will find lots of information about

- the history of the Dutch bicycle industry,
- your own vintage bicycle(s).

Constructing a homepage is an ongoing process, so you will find gaps here and there. As the Dutch and German versions are built first and as they are to be more comprehensive, too, it may be worth taking a look there. For any questions or feedback about this homepage, please mail me.

Herbert Kuner