Addresses and links about vintage bikes

Dutch Sites:

Oude fietsen Dutch collector's forum for questions and tips on vintage Dutch bicycles.
Burgers ENR Burgers was the first Dutch bicycle manufacturer.
Fongers Detailled history of this distinguished old bicycle manufacturer.
Mustang Interesting website about the former Mustang cycle works based at Assen, Netherlands, built by the founders' family De Geeter.
Groningen bicycles Website about all bicycle manufacturers from the Dutch province of Groningen
Delivery bicycles Largest, forum-like Website about Dutch delivery bicycles.
Delivery bicycles Website about old Dutch delivery bicycles, their owners plus a restauration story.
Bicycle tax All about the former Dutch bicycle tax badge and its history.
Homepage Edzo Paap Summary of the invention of the bicycle. Furthermore, Edzo Paap builds miniature scale bicycles.

Sites in English language:

Sheldon Brown A site with a huge quantity of information about bicycle history, technical aspects and much more. Probably the best bicycle site on the web.
Oldbike.eu Online vintage bicycle museum with lots of information on mostly English bikes and bicycle manufacturers. Including descriptions of many vintage bicycles from different countries.
Dursley Pedersen bicycle Mads Rasmussens homepage with comprehensive information about this very special bicycle and its inventor.
Tony Hadland Website of a leading British bicycle expert with information about the Moulton bicycles, a very interesting article about Raleigh, and more.
Sturmey-Archer Complete overview of all types of SA gear hubs, including section drawings.
British bicycle manufacturers Interesting information about a couple of British bicycle manufacturers on the website of the university of Wolverhampton.
Jim Langley Jim Langleys interesting website covers many aspects of cycling: bicycle history, technical tips, stories etc.
Cycling photographs Victorian and Edwardian Cycling Photographs from the collections of Roger Vaughan and Brian Boyd.
Bicyclemuseum of America Bicycle museum site with fotos and descriptions of the bicycles.
M.G. Selbach Article about the life of the English bicycle manufacturer Maurice Selbach (2nd article about Selbach's machines is to come).
Army bicycles Small website about army bicycles.
BSA & Military Bicycle Museum Interesting website on BSA and military bicycles.
Pedaling History (Burgwardt Museum) Site of yet another bicycle museum. Information about International Cycle History Conferences.
Classic Rendezvous Comprehensive website with many pictures of classic lightweighs.

Sites in German language:

Bicycle collectors A fairly recent homepage. The most interesting part so far is about the German brand Wanderer.
Sachs hub gears Andree Schote from Germany is fond of old F&S (Sachs) hub gears (nice fotos).
NSU Andreas Jankowitsch offers detailled information on NSU bicycles and motorcycles.
Phänomen Jörg's vintage bicycle pages with information about the German Phänomen brand.

Multilingual sites:

Museum "Velorama" This Dutch museum has got one of the most complete historic bicycle collections. A must-see for anybody interested in old bikes. Unfortunately, the website itself offers very little interesting information.


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