mudguard punching pincer
Mudguard punching pincer

It is quite a long time ago when the bicycle became part of the traffic, and the number of people using this practical vehicle to get from one place to another in an efficient manner is still increasing. So the bicycle became a helpful friend of man and should be treated accordingly to make sure that it will fully serve its owner with its excellent properties.

     This maschine, which, living under the volition of its owner, is able to transform force into velocity, has to be preserved and cherished. To do this, one needs to understand its nature and technicalities along with the requirements of maintenance.

from: Krumm/Bürger:
"Das Fahrrad - sein Bau, seine Instandhaltung
und Reparaturen"
Leipzig, 1924


This caption covers tips for bicycle repair, information about constructions and sizes used by specific Dutch bicycle manufacturers, and general technical articles.As far as this information applies for a specific period, this is generally the fifties and sixties. Unfortunately the information is available only in Dutch and German.

     If you have got any specific technical questions about Dutch bicycles or if you would like to translate a page from Dutch/German into English to help expanding the English part of this homepage, please contact me.



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